Dance From Your Heart
Dance From Your Heart
During the winter of 2009, I took a college-level class on the mind/body/spirit connection. One of our homework assignments was to write a personal mission statement and identify ways to increase joy in our lives. I summed up my personal mission statement in one sentence: to live a simple life. I also wrote that expressing creativity would increase my joy. As the semester unfolded, it so “happened” that I fractured my fibula and sprained my ankle; the injury was the Universe’s way of asking me to look at my life’s path. So… look I did.

For the past 15 years, I have been a successful business owner with creative passions on the side. Now, I define myself as an artist who happens to own a successful business. My artistry has always revolved around photography and creative writing; now, I am now expanding my creative world to include dance as a way to interpret the world and express myself.

Prior to my business career, my heart was in the human services arena, with managing a breast cancer clinic, tutoring adults and children in math and reading, and doing volunteer work in hippotherapy. In high school, I was a lifeguard for developmentally challenged children; I will always remember the heart-warming experience of connecting with very disabled children in the swimming pool. My interest in serving others began a young age, when I worked in my father’s dental practice.

During childhood, my father and I played music to people in the nursing homes where he was a dentist. My mother drove me to weekly piano lessons, beginning in 3rd grade. Her mother, my maternal grandmother, had attended a conservatory with hopes of becoming a concert pianist, but like many women, she was not able to realize her creative talents. In caring for others, we forget to nurture our own dreams.

As a way of coming full circle, I plan to integrate my humanitarian nature, business skills, and love of dance. While I have not defined the end zone, I am considering teaching dance to underserved populations. I am a natural and skilled teacher with the capacity to inspire and be inspired by others. For now, I am propelled onto the dance floor to express myself and experience joy.

For this Website page, I chose a photograph from Howard Schatz’s book, Water Dance. In my chosen style of dance, Nia, we sometimes practice the Five Stages of Healing, beginning with the embryonic state and progressing through walking. The watery, embryonic state focuses on moving/being without thinking or judging, quietness, receiving and nurturing, and peacefulness within one’s emotional body. I also do Watsu (water shiatsu) on a regular basis, and find much relaxation and spirituality from moving through water. The water theme presents itself in my “Sky Within.” Given my Sun and Venus in Cancer, I am attuned to the waves of emotion and have a deep sensitivity to people. Although my feet are grounded to earth through Mars in Taurus, I dance from my heart.

I am finding the way to my center through dance.