Dance From Your Heart

Dance From Your Heart
Liu Yan was a talented, 26-year-old Chinese dancer, when she was seriously injured during a rehearsal for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic games. Considered one of the country’s top classical Chinese dancers, she now faces the prospect of being paralyzed for the rest of her life.

For her Olympic moment, she was preparing for the performance of a lifetime: the only solo dance in a four-hour spectacular, expected to be seen by a global audience of more than one billion people.

Chinese classical dance is an art form that pays attention to individual moral cultivation, with achievement dependent on how well the dancers cultivate their character and level of their morality. The dancers view the highest realm of art as selfless, where they let go of their egos through cultivating and raising their morals, and ultimately care about nothing else but the audience. The training requires adherence to traditional Chinese culture and changes the dancers on a spiritual level.

Liu, a graduate of the prestigious Beijing Dance Academy, was widely considered one of the country’s leading classical dancers. Dance experts called her movements incredibly fluid, and said her beauty radiated on the stage. She won most of the nation’s top dance and drama awards, including the Lotus Cup.

Lui Yan’s life’s turn, and her dedication to the gorgeous art of Chinese classical dancing, teaches us many lessons. These lessons are too obvious to warrant mention.

I dedicate my Website, Dance From The Heart, to Liu’s spirit.