Dance From Your Heart

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The photographs in this Gallery depict the life that emerged in 2008 after the Zen of Rocky

The flame was lit in my creative studio in Lowell, MA. The studio displays my photography and creative writing, along with other artists’ work. The sign on my purple and gold studio door reads, “The images in this gallery were created from a place of inner quiet.”

My creative flame casts its glow on the sculptures by Augustine Rodin. The Bather expressed Rodin’s love for contours and expressive gestures. Other Rodin sculptures in my gallery include Eternal Springtime, a sculpture that brought me to my figurative knees when I happened upon it at the Museum of Fine Arts.

The new kitten, JJ, continues Rocky’s cycle of love, with JJ starting Rocky’s life anew. Rocky did not find his first real home—my home—until he was 6.5 years old, so JJ’s playful and loving ways brings Rocky’s spirit to childhood life. While Rocky contemplated visitors with an open heart, JJ climbs up the pant legs of every visitor and insists on being held in loving arms.

The photograph of the heart shows the light that was cast by The Winter Spirit. Her light source, a perennial winter visitor to my home, shows up on a different day each year. In 2009, she cast her soft glow on a card that sits on my piano from 2nd grade. In the Feng Shui bagua, my piano inhabits my relationship corner of my Still River Road home.

The fire theme continues with the gas stove in the Feng Shui wealth/prosperity corner of my home. Accompanying pieces in the wealth corner include a small fountain (Water), an urn (Metal), some pottery (Earth), and artwork with Wind. To me, wealth, or personal abundance, is this balanced state of mind, spirit, and body.

The dance from my heart lights the flame of my mind, body, and spirit.